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Wildcat Fall, photograph by Marion Patterson
Wildcat Fall, Yosemite National Park, c. 1970
copyright Marion Patterson
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    Center for Ethics and Toxics

    Environmental Commons
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    website as a tribute to
    Dr. Marc Lappé's
    ground-breaking work.

    Mendocino Partnership for the Precautionary Principle
    Mendocino Partnership
    for the
    Precautionary Principle

    "Environmental Commons brings democracy and science to environmental decision-making at the local, state and national levels. We encourage involvement in the democratic process to defend our environmental heritage - water, air, biodiversity, and genetic variability - known as 'the commons.' Conserving our commons is undeniably linked to the quality of our own lives - our health and the health of ecosystems.

    We work to preserve our natural areas, protect wildlife and promote sustainable policies using education and informed discussion."

    - Britt Bailey, Director

    What is the Environmental Commons?

    Current Projects

    Local Food & Food Democracy

    Local organic apples We are witnessing unprecedented impacts as a result of food being seen primarily as a commodity. In contrast, locally developed food systems that value sustainability and balance have the potential to reconnect us to each other and to the land. We encourage and support the rights of communities to shape their food systems, exercising local democratic control over matters of health, safety, and welfare.

    Genetically Modified Organisms

    GMO Corn We educate and inform the public about the risks associated with the introduction of genetically modified organisms. We oppose the uncontrolled growing, raising and expansion of GMOs, and we support communities democratically reaching decisions regarding the adoption and growing of GMOs.

    Precautionary Principle

    tulips The Precautionary Principle is a guiding framework for decision-making that anticipates how our actions will affect the environment and health of future generations. The Principle incorporates a thorough examination of alternatives, transparency, participatory democracy, and prevention of harm. We assist communities considering adopting the Precautionary Principle. Read about our progress in Mendocino County, CA.

    Reducing Regional Use of Toxics

    pesticide spraying in vineyard Pesticides and other chemicals are often used in forestry and vineyard operations along the North Coast. These chemicals may be toxic not only to human health, but may also affect wildlife and their habitat. We promote precautionary policies and advance education that lessens harm to our environment posed by unnecessary use of toxics.


    Read our comments on the proposed Desert Sunlight Solar Farm

    Our very popular Local Food fact sheets are available again - now in their third printing!

    Lake County, CA, to require registration of commercial GMO crops

    Maui bans GMO taro

    Fall 2009 Hawai'i GMO Legislative Update

    Court Finds USDA Violated Federal Law by Allowing Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets on the Market

    Hawai'i County resolution opposing HB1226, GMO preemption bill

    Maui supports home rule, opposes Hawai'ian preemption bill

    GMO preemption in Hawai'i - testimony by Britt Bailey of Environmental Commons

    GMO taro and coffee crops banned on the island of Hawai'i

    Report on the development of a Precautionary Principle Procedure in Mendocino County, CA

    To protect public health, ban bisphenol-A from all food and beverage containers

    California protects farmers against "Monsanto lawsuits"

    California bill would allow local communities to reclaim control of pesticide use

    Montville, Maine passes ordinance banning GMOs from cultivation in their community

    Local Food fact sheets
    now available in Spanish -
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