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Against the Grain   Engineering the Farm
"Three interrelated issues mark our times:
We have altered the planet with our chemicals; we are transforming agriculture with bioengineering; and we are contemplating the recreation of humankind through genetic technologies.

All three compel us to reexamine how we use scientific knowledge: will our new technologies be greeted with 'hurrahs' or a whisper of despair from the species that we have decimated, crops that are gene-contaminated and people who, though yet to be created, may yet curse us for our technological prowess?"

Marc Lappé
Marc Alan Lappé, Founder
1943 - 2005

The Center for Ethics & Toxics ceased operation
following the death of founder Marc Lappé.

Environmental Commons is hosting the CETOS website
as a tribute to Dr. Lappé's ground-breaking work.

Britt Bailey, Director of Environmental Commons,
worked with Marc for many years, co-directed CETOS,
and was a close friend to the very end.